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Since November last year, I’ve been practicing calligraphy, reading about it, doing some online courses (here¬†and here) and I also attended a short workshop with Bay Area calligrapher¬†Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

It’s been an interesting journey to use other media to express myself.

I specially like Modern Calligraphy since it gives me the freedom to develop my own style. I feel that it’s like¬†drawing, but drawing letters ūüôā

This year I decided to use this technique plus some watercolors to¬†create a free downloadable¬†art for Mother’s Day.

Motherhood is an amazing journey. It’s a rollercoaster, it has the scariest moments and the most fun moments all-together.

Sometimes it seems that a day lasts forever; just like when you’re going up in your cart and it seems it¬†will never end climbing and then, suddenly, it goes so fast that you still feel like it was just a moment¬†ago when everything started.

Hemingway wrote¬†one of my favorites quotes and, now that I think about it, it can¬†also be used to express how¬†kids grow up: “Gradually, then suddenly“.

Motherhood is an amazing journey. You can do it alone, but it will take part of your sanity on the journey so it’s just much better if¬†you have other(s) around to help.

For some moms, the help comes from their partners, for other it comes from amazing¬†parents or in-laws, for others great relatives, good friends or even a kind neighbor or from the¬†community close to you.¬†And even when none of those exist or we don’t feel their help, God is always there, in our hardest moments when we don’t even think he could possibly be there with us and in the easiest silliest ones: always. ¬†

Motherhood is an amazing journey. So, take this gift and send it to a mom you know because we are all in this together and feeling ¬†that we’re not alone in this is… Oh boy, such a relief!

We’re all in this together. We’re changing our world raising the human beings of¬†the future.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love <3


Mother's Day





cute animals: baby elephant

Hi friends,

I’ve been absent from this blog since I was in Argentina. I went for my brother’s wedding and stayed for a few more days to visit some friends and family. It was fun but I came back totally exhausted!¬†Now, I’m glad to be back at home and returning to my routine.

Today I want to share one illustration I made for a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

This baby elephant, who is now part of my cute animals collection, will be adding its cuteness to a baby girl nursery.

2015-09 Elephans Michelle Brooklyn

View available products: baby elephant

playing with acrylics

About 2 years ago,  Victor gave me a set of acrylics and brushes for my birthday. I never ever used them until yesterday. Procrastination, I guess.

Even-though my first time painting with acrylics was a great experience in my life, this new approach was by myself, with no teacher, and that was great as well.

I must admit that I felt a little lost, so I search the web and got to this tutorial for the painting that I wanted to try.


I followed some steps from the tutorial but I didn’t use the charcoal so¬†after the first step, I kind of followed my own path. I felt that it was more fun for me to explore and experience by my own.


Light didn’t help¬†in this picture, but anyway, it’s just to show you some of the process.


Today was a foggy morning in San Bruno so I took a picture with natural light, now that the painting was finally dried.


It was a nice practice¬†and I’ll try more often, I thought of¬†using the same “sketchbook” so it gets kind of an art-journaling sketchbook.

Have a great weekend, folks!

have you heard the news?

Dear friends,

I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve decided to offer a bigger variety of products on my online shop at Society6.

With the last art-print uploaded yesterday -“I love you fore-e-e-ver”- I’ve decided to also start offering mugs, tote bags, kids and adults t-shirts, throw pillows and yes… super cute onesies!

More designs are being created and uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

I want to say thank you in advance for sharing this post with your friends and family¬†and thanks for shopping at my online shop! Your money becomes coffee giving¬†this mom the boost to create more art! ūüėõ

Thanks folks and happy shopping!

14211629_3264569-stscrd01_b   Cards.

14211638_12208620-plwfr2_b Pillows: This pillow would look lovely in a nursery.

14211705_6809967-mugs11f_lMugs: A nice way to start your morning, feeling loved.

14211638_12208620-bagtote16_bTote bags.

14212141_5722103-onew105_b Onesies: The perfect match, babies and unconditional love.

14212141_5722103-tsrmw102_bA nice shirt for Valentine’s day!

14212141_5722103-kidtw206_bKids T-shirts:  The perfect match, kids and unconditional love.

stationary cards

Hello friends!

I’m so happy to tell you that now I’m also offering stationary cards at Society6!

More designs will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

Here are a few to take a look at:

14083418_15938318-stscrd02_lzNobody bakes it better –¬†Let your family know that you’re going home for Thanksgiving with this funny card.

14083513_12936254-stscrd01_blife changes –¬†A¬†simple and nice¬†card for a special life moment.


14167102_9863531-stscrd02_lzplease forgive me – sometimes art can express those things that are difficult to say at loud.