organic raspberry jam

Today I want to share with you a super easy and quick raspberry jam recipe that I’ve tried last week and it turned out great.

This recipe has less sugar than most of the recipes you’ll find on the web ūüėČ

You’ll need 3 cups of organic raspberries and 2 cups of organic sugar.

First, rinse the raspberries. Put the berries and the sugar in a medium saucepan. Mash a little bit the fruit using a potato masher  but not too much if you like to find pieces of fruit in your jam.

Bring the mixture to a boil and remove constantly using a wooden spoon.¬†A¬†good advice, buy ¬†2 wooden spoons, one for sweet dishes and the other one for savory and sauces, so you don’t contaminate the flavor of your dessert with onion or garlic flavor.

Continue to boil until mixture thickens, about 10 to 12 minutes on medium to minimum and remove from the heat.

Fill empty and sterilized jars while the jam and the jars are still hot. Then let it cools.

**How to sterilize empty jars? Wash and rinse your empty jars. Fill with water a large saucepan with your jars and lids inside of it until they are completely covered. Bring the water to a boil. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Remove the jar and let it dry on a rack for a few seconds. Fill the jar with the jam while is it still hot // If you’re using the¬†Quattro Stagioni jars, you can follow their instructions to pasteurize your product and make it last for months!


When the jam is cool, you can put it on your refrigerator and use it for your next breakfast.

Quick and easy right? And also healthier than most of the jams that you can buy at the grocery store!



have you heard the news?

Dear friends,

I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve decided to offer a bigger variety of products on my online shop at Society6.

With the last art-print uploaded yesterday -“I love you fore-e-e-ver”- I’ve decided to also start offering mugs, tote bags, kids and adults t-shirts, throw pillows and yes… super cute onesies!

More designs are being created and uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

I want to say thank you in advance for sharing this post with your friends and family¬†and thanks for shopping at my online shop! Your money becomes coffee giving¬†this mom the boost to create more art! ūüėõ

Thanks folks and happy shopping!

14211629_3264569-stscrd01_b   Cards.

14211638_12208620-plwfr2_b Pillows: This pillow would look lovely in a nursery.

14211705_6809967-mugs11f_lMugs: A nice way to start your morning, feeling loved.

14211638_12208620-bagtote16_bTote bags.

14212141_5722103-onew105_b Onesies: The perfect match, babies and unconditional love.

14212141_5722103-tsrmw102_bA nice shirt for Valentine’s day!

14212141_5722103-kidtw206_bKids T-shirts:  The perfect match, kids and unconditional love.

stationary cards

Hello friends!

I’m so happy to tell you that now I’m also offering stationary cards at Society6!

More designs will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

Here are a few to take a look at:

14083418_15938318-stscrd02_lzNobody bakes it better –¬†Let your family know that you’re going home for Thanksgiving with this funny card.

14083513_12936254-stscrd01_blife changes –¬†A¬†simple and nice¬†card for a special life moment.


14167102_9863531-stscrd02_lzplease forgive me – sometimes art can express those things that are difficult to say at loud.

halloween home decor

Hello friends! Today¬†¬†I want to share with you our¬†“Halloween home decor”. First,¬†I used a fall¬†wreath and a stretchable spiderweb on our main door.


I used the same stretchable spiderweb on a sculpture and on a bookshelf. Plus I added a big spider which Marco loved (I think it’s because his favorite book is “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle).


I¬†added¬†some crows to our living room to give a more “scary” feeling.



One jar, a led candle and a chalkboard tag made a nice decoration of our coffee table.


Marco was fascinated watching the led-candle.


I also bought two small pumpkins for the coffee table.


As you see, with a just a few details you can create a “Halloween atmosphere”¬†that can even last for a while with a toddler around the house.

Happy Halloween!


Hi folks! This is another *super* easy sewing project: a tablecloth.

I chose this red and white fabric to give my dinner table an “italian trattoria” style.

For my small, rectangular, IKEA dinner table, I used 2 yards of fabric.

You’ll need to place the fabric on the wrong side over a flat surface and fold the edges over about 0.5”.

Then, fold it again and pin around the edge of the hem and start sewing along the edges, removing the pins as you sew.


After less than an hour, I got a beautiful tablecloth for our dining table. ¬†I’m no expert at sewing, but trust me when I tell you go ahead¬†and try it! You’ll feel great finding out the¬†beautiful projects you¬†can¬†do for your home!


baby crib sheets

I found this great fabric with the world map on sale at my local fabric store and I thought it would be nice to have it at home and teach Marco where some of our friends and family live.

I’m still a beginner at¬†sewing but¬†I discovered¬†that I can actually sew anything… as long as it has a rectangular shape. That’s how I thought about using this fabric to make some sheets for Marco’s crib.

I followed this tutorial and I were amazed at how easy it actually was to sew sheets, even using an elastic band one the edges.


It’s nice to wash the fabric before, in case it shrinks. Also, measure the crib mattress to customize the pattern. I used a 12″ square instead of the 9″ suggested by the tutorial.

This project took about 2 hours but it was a lot of fun and I felt so good after seeing it done!


During¬† the weekend, when I put him to bed, I told¬†him where some of our dear friends and family live. He didn’t get much yet because when I asked for his aunt Barbarita -who lives in Barcelona- he pointed to Moscow… but we’ll get closer with some more practice!.


first day of preschool art

Last week, looking for something to do for Marco’s first day of preschool I went to the art supply aisle at Target and I saw a chalkboard calendar kit. But, ¬†since I’m trying to re-use what I already have, I decided to do something similar by myself.


With a cup and a black pencil, I drew circles over a black construction paper. Then, I used my sakura gelly roll white 08 to do the letters over the circles.


I put the circles¬†on Marco’s bedroom door and I took some pictures of him playing with the letters,¬†spontaneous and simple.


I’d love to hear¬†what you did for your little one first day of school picture!

preschool blanket

On January 2013, I sewed these crib bumpers using regular cotton filled with an organic cotton batting from Warm Company. They looked very good and were very useful.



Now Marco doesn’t need the crib bumpers anymore. Also, he is starting preschool -yay! I can’t believe that little chubby baby from the picture above is already in preschool!- so he was in need of a preschool blanket.

I decided to re-use the organic cotton. So, first¬†I unstitched¬†the crib bumpers using… my victorinox (I’m more a maintenance technician than a fashion designer lol).


Afterwards, I sewed the parts creating a rectangle. This was going to become the blanket’s filling.

I got these lovely fabrics for the blanket at my local fabric store. I needed 1 yard of each.


I put the filling in the middle and I sewed a rectangle leaving about 10 cm. over the edges.



Then, I unstitched some of the corners to sew correctly the edges.


And after 3 hours, the project was done and it looked great!


You can adjust even more the filling by adding some stitches to the middle part of the blanket, using a cross-stich like in a quilt.


This project was so easy. I didn’t use patterns, I just took the measures properly and used a lot of pins! If you want to do this and need any help, let me know!

Happy first day of school!