playing with acrylics

About 2 years ago,  Victor gave me a set of acrylics and brushes for my birthday. I never ever used them until yesterday. Procrastination, I guess.

Even-though my first time painting with acrylics was a great experience in my life, this new approach was by myself, with no teacher, and that was great as well.

I must admit that I felt a little lost, so I search the web and got to this tutorial for the painting that I wanted to try.


I followed some steps from the tutorial but I didn’t use the charcoal so after the first step, I kind of followed my own path. I felt that it was more fun for me to explore and experience by my own.


Light didn’t help in this picture, but anyway, it’s just to show you some of the process.


Today was a foggy morning in San Bruno so I took a picture with natural light, now that the painting was finally dried.


It was a nice practice and I’ll try more often, I thought of using the same “sketchbook” so it gets kind of an art-journaling sketchbook.

Have a great weekend, folks!

happy blogiversary!


9 years of blogging… Wow!

I started my first blog in November 14th, 2005.

A lot has changed since then. First of all, the language. From Spanish to English.

I’m no longer using Blogspot (then Blogger) neither Tumblr, I’m now using WordPress.

I’m not only a blogger now because I also, and mostly, use my blog platform to share my illustrations.

I’m not living in Buenos Aires anymore, neither I’m single nor a student. I moved to Brooklyn, NY; San Francisco, CA and now I’m in San Bruno, CA. I became a Psychologist and a Project Manager Specialist; I’m married and -the most significant part of my life- I’m a mom now.

Being a blogger got me together with some new people who even became friends. That was good.

Even my nickname has changed. As many others, I couldn’t resist to look at my past posts so I, once, deleted my entire blog.

Anyhow, I managed to keep the records of that first blog. So here it goes, that post from November 14th, 2005, an ode to Buenos Aires (in spanish, sorry!).

Comienzo este blog con una dedicatoria a la ciudad en la que armé mi lugar -al menos hasta ahora- Buenos Aires.

Desde que recuerdo mi entrada a la adolescencia, siempre supe que una parte de mi vida trascurriría en esta ciudad, algo de eso que llaman destino, eso que te está esperando o tan solo una elección.

Y Buenos Aires tiene “ese no se qué…”Buenos Aires es invierno, es mi ventana, la última y la más linda, con un balcón con sol, un café en la mano y algún tema nacional y algo de ese sentimiento de por un ratito sentirse ser parte de algo, en este caso de un país llamado Argentina.

Buenos Aires es mi casa; es una copa de malbec y un cigarrillo… un tango y esa sensación imposible de expresar en palabras, aquella que tenemos quienes vivimos solos en algún momento de nuestra vida.Buenos Aires fue frío, fue lluvia y calor abrasador de cemento y subte, fue conocerme. Tanto así que disfruto tanto lo que más voy a extrañar de ella… ese otoño que me seca la piel y la primavera que me da alergia, pero que florece en las caras de la gente cansada, gente que trabaja, en todas partes y con trabajos insólitos.

¿Qué me llevo? Mi cuerpo, mi alma, mi subjetividad forjada en estos siete años de esta ciudad, por siete años mía.

Me llevo el amor de mis amigos, mis experiencias en este lugar y tu aroma:: aire de invierno, de nostalgia y humedad.

Posted by pumpkincita to fragmentos de vida at 11/14/2005 12:43:00 AM

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Happy blogging!

hello fall, illustration and promo

Yes, you might already know it: I love fall.

I grew up in a city where autumn lasts only one or two weeks and I believe that might be the reason why I love fall so much: scarcity.

When I lived in Buenos Aires, I enjoyed those cool fall mornings that even when the sun is there, it’s barely warm.

Then I lived in Brooklyn, New York. I don’t have to say anything more about the season and the city because that might be “the” season to appreciate the stunningly beautiful city at its best.

Everything about fall is just so pretty: the colors, the clothes, the weather, the fruits and veggies… And fall has that smell that it’s been my favorite ever since: cinnamon.

I want to tell you also that to celebrate the season, there’s a promo available now at my online shop: FREE Worldwide Shipping*! (Promotion expires November 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Rugs)

Access to promo here.
2014-10-02 Leaves
I’d love to know, which is your favorite season?
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