why routines are good for my whole family ‚ÄĘ por qu√© las rutinas son buenas para toda mi familia


If you’ve been reading my blog, you might already know how creating a routine helped me with Marco. Today I want to share a little more about this.

IMG_0407Heading to Barnes & Noble for story and play-time

When I used to work as a Children’s Psychologist at a¬†Psychiatric¬†Hospital in Buenos Aires, I had patients with very severe pathologies. During that experience, I¬†really¬†learned the extreme importance of¬†creating and keeping a routine and how this helped kids -families and professionals- to go through their days the best they could.

But then, in the private practice with adults patients (not severe pathologies as in the hospital), I also noticed that, at the end, we all benefit when we have a routine (even-though there were some important differences like the rigidity and exact repetition).

Since this blog is not about my Psychologist’s experience but my parenting’s, I’m not going to expand on the explanation, but just think about how routine affects us, i.e. how many times we say something¬†like “I don’t start my day until I have my coffee” or things¬†like that?!

IMG_0409“If you spend your entire work day mastering new tasks, you appreciate your regular coffee breaks” (Dr. Karp)

The issue is that when we have a new baby at home, the routine that we used to have…¬†is gone and we try to do all the tasks that we have to do whenever we can do them, even without a schedule.

But friends, routine can be our ally!

In my experience, routine was useful for:

  • having less meltdowns during the day
  • less drama when changing¬†from one activity to another (specially on that 1-2yr stage)
  • bedtime got¬†easier
  • soothing him when an unexpected situation was present (specially when moving, this is our 4th new place!)

Now, let’s be honest. We don’t have the same activities during the day, neither the same time and that’s fine.¬†Let’s embrace our differences ūüôā

Each family has its own rhythm but, we all can create routines according to our own rhythm! We can all organize our day so it’s easier to navigate thru and not ending the day stressful, tired.. exhausted. You might see it now, not having a routine affects everyone in the family ūüôā

That’s why, for me and in my experience, it’s important to create a routine, a schedule that fits our own time. Because at the end… Happy parents help to have¬†happy kids ūüôā

IMG_0424Crafts and free-play after nap-time

*There’re tons of books about the importance of routines, but my favorites¬†are¬†still Dr. Karp’s books (“The Happiest Baby on the Block” and “The Happiest Toddler on the Block”)


Si siguen mi blog, ya sabrán cómo el establecer una rutina en el día me ayudó en la crianza de Marco. Ahora quiero contarles un poquito más acerca de las rutinas.

Cuando trabajaba como Psic√≥loga con Ni√Īos con patolog√≠as severas en un Hospital de Buenos Aires, aprend√≠ la extrema importancia que ten√≠a¬†la rutina en la vida de esos pacientes¬†(incluso para sus familias y para los profesionales).¬†Pero despu√©s, trabajando con adultos en la pr√°ctica privada, me daba cuenta que a pesar de algunas diferencias -principalmente en la rigidez y repetici√≥n exacta- al final es a todos que nos hace bien tener una rutina.

IMG_0422Ayudando a mami a hacer la cena

No voy a explayarme aqu√≠ acerca del tema porque esto no es mi blog como psic√≥loga sino de mi etapa de mam√°, pero si quieren piensen en todas aquellas cosas que hacemos que ya est√°n casi “naturalizadas” y que nos hacen emprender nuestras actividades. Piensa en¬†las frases como¬†“hasta que no tome mi caf√©/mate no arranco¬†la ma√Īana”¬†por ejemplo.

El tema es que cuando nace un beb√©, la rutina que ten√≠amos… desaparece y empezamos a tratar de hacer las actividades que tenemos que hacer cuando podemos hacerlas, ya sin llevar un orden o ritmo a veces… “tapando agujeros“.

IMG_0438Pizza casera, la receta *aquí*

¡Pero la rutina puede ser una gran aliada! En mi caso y experienca, encontré que el hecho de tener una rutina nos ayudó a que:

  • hayan muchas menos rabietas/berrinches
  • la hora de ir a dormir sea m√°s f√°cil
  • pasar de una actividad a otra sea algo m√°s llevadero, con mayor fluidez y menos stress (sobretodo en la etapa¬†entre 1 y 2 a√Īos)
  • pueda estar tranquilo durante¬†una¬†situaci√≥n inesperada (por ejemplo en nuestro caso, mudanzas… √©ste es nuestro 4to hogar)

Ahora, es bueno que nos sinceremos. No todos tenemos las mismas actividades ni horarios y eso est√° bien¬†porque cada familia tiene su propio ritmo. Pero todas las familias tienen¬†un ritmo con el que puede¬†ordenarse… Sea que en mi casa se cene a las 6pm o en la tuya a las 9pm, todos podemos organizar nuestro d√≠a para que sea todo m√°s f√°cil de llevar y no terminemos exhaustos, cansados, agotados al final de la jornada. Tal vez puedas ver ahora c√≥mo no tener una rutina afecta a¬†todos¬† en la familia ūüôā

Por eso, para m√≠ y en mi experiencia, es importante crear una rutina, la que sea m√°s acorde a los tiempos de nuestra familia. Porque al final¬†de cuentas, padres felices… ayudan a que haya¬†ni√Īos felices ūüôā

IMG_0214Lleg√≥ la hora de leer cuentos y a dormir… ¬°Buenas noches!

*Hay much√≠sima bibliograf√≠a acerca de la importancia de las rutinas en el desarrollo de los ni√Īos, pero mis libros preferidos siguen siendo “The Happiest Baby on the Block (El beb√© m√°s feliz del barrio)” y “What To Expect: The Toddler Years

more about soothing a baby ‚ÄĘ m√°s acerca de calmar a un beb√©


I learnt how to swaddle my newborn baby at the Brooklyn Hospital and I have to say that it was a very useful technique during Marco’s first months.

This technique helps them to soothe, not to be disturbed or interrup their sleep because of their reflex movements and even gets them the cozy and warm feeling that they used to have when they were in the womb.

There are a lot of videos and guides on how to do it properly.

I often recommend to my friends the book The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp -there are some videos available onlineРwhere you can learn a little bit about his amazing technique on how to soothe a fussy baby using swaddling, shh (white noise), side/stomach position, swinging and sucking.

I used to swaddle Marco until he was about 2 months but the truth is I should done it for more time!

Did you read¬†Dr. Karp’s book or used his technique? I’d love to know your experience!

Holding my newborn Marco @ The Brooklyn Hospital, NY


Algo que me ense√Īaron en el Hospital de Brooklyn¬†y me fue muy¬†√ļtil durante las primeras semanas de vida de Marco, es la t√©cnica para envolver a un beb√©: swaddling.

El envolverlos de ese modo¬†con una manta ligera los ayuda a calmarse, a no despertar por sus propios movimientos reflejos e incluso les da una sensaci√≥n de seguridad similar a la que ten√≠an cuando estaban en el √ļtero.

Hay videos y guías de cómo hacerlo correctamente paso a paso.

Si a√ļn no lo conocen, les recomiendo leer el libro El Beb√© M√°s Feliz¬†del Dr. Harvey Karp -hay algunos videos online¬†pero con¬†subt√≠tulos en portugu√©s- donde pueden aprender de su t√©cnica que es casi¬†m√°gica¬†para¬†calmar a un beb√©: el cual incluye envolver al beb√©, el ruido blanco, la posici√≥n en la que ponerlo, el movimiento y, obviamente, la succi√≥n.

Yo solía envolver a Marco hasta que tuvo como 2 meses pero la verdad es que ¡debí haberla recordado y usado mucho más!

¬ŅHas le√≠do alguno de los libros del Dr. Karp?¬†

best advice on routines and kids ‚ÄĘ el mejor consejo acerca de las rutinas y los ni√Īos

Hello fellow moms! Today I want to share with you the best advice that our doctor in New York gave us about routines and kids.

‚ÄúThe routine can be broken by you, not by your kid”

The advice was great for us. Let me give you an example. Each time that we have family visiting us (most of them live abroad or in other cities around the US), we -as parents- decide that we can break the routine.

IMG_6429My mom and Marco around Brooklyn, NY

This means that Marco doesn’t go to sleep at 7pm as usual, naps are on “on the go” and¬†sometimes he even doesn’t attend preschool. But… In those days,¬†he gains an amazing time with his extended family, his life becomes richer with new experiences and lots of love¬†and fun.

IMG_1693Marco wearing pajamas and playing at Goofy’s House in Disneyland at 8.30pm. No routine while at Disneyland!

So, how do we¬†manage those days when Marco decides he doesn’t want to go to sleep at 7pm? ¬†We continue to take him to his bed, with love and patience, how many times as needed, because mommy says… It’s time to sleep.

See you on the next post!


¡Hola amigas y mamás de la web! Hoy quiero compartir el mejor consejo que me dio una vez una doctora en Nueva York acerca de las rutinas.

“S√≥lo t√ļ puedes romper las rutinas, tu ni√Īo no”

Ese consejo fue muy bueno para nosotros. Les cuento un ejemplo. Cada vez que tenemos familiares de visita -nuestra familia vive en otras ciudades de USA, Argentina y Venezuela- nosotros como padres decidimos que podemos romper la rutina.

IMG_9883¬ŅQui√©n puede dormirse temprano cuando est√° nuestra querida Puli de visita?

Eso significa que Marco no se va a dormir a las 7pm como es habitual, las siestas son “donde sean y como sean” (cochecito, en el auto andando, etc.) e incluso hay veces que no va a su escuelita. Pero, en esos d√≠as √©l gana un tiempo incre√≠ble compartido con familia; su vida se enriquece con nuevas experiencias llenas de amor y diversi√≥n.

IMG_1294Marco dormido en los brazos de mi sobrino en el tren de regreso de San Francisco.

Yo como mamá, puedo romper la rutina y el hecho de que sólo nosotros los padres podamos hacerlo también hace más fácil el volver a adaptarnos cuando las visitas se van y tenemos que volver a la vida cotidiana.

IMG_1801¡Las vacaciones en Disneyland merecen romper la rutina y disfrutar todo lo que se pueda!

Entonces ¬Ņc√≥mo hacemos¬†cuando Marco en un d√≠a cualquiera decide que no quiere dormir a las 7pm aunque hayamos hecho toda la rutina para ir a dormir?

Lo seguimos llevando a su cama, con amor y paciencia, las veces que sea necesario, porque mami dice… Es hora de dormir.

¡Hasta la próxima! 

my favorite baby carrier ‚ÄĘ mi cargador de beb√© preferido


Each time a friend of mine is expecting a baby, they would ask me about which baby carrier I recommend.

Without hesitation, my answer is: in my experience, Ergo Baby Performance.


It’s so comfortable and adaptable for different stages. We used it since Marco was about 3 months, you can use it with the infant carrier for younger babies,¬†until Marco was 2 yrs old.

It was super comfortable for the baby and gentle, specially, with my lower back. I mostly used it on the front until Marco was a toddler when we use it as a backpack for some hiking days in the parks of our beloved Northern California.


Ergo has different models, visit their website to check them!


Cada vez que una amiga está esperando un bebé, me preguntan qué cargador (o mochila como le dicen en Argentina, entre otros nombres) recomiendo.

Sin duda mi respuesta es: en mi experiencia, Ergo Baby Performance.

IMG_3369¬°Bebito durmiendo!

Este cargador se¬†adapta a distintas etapas. Nosotros lo usamos desde que Marco ten√≠a como 3 meses,¬†pero¬†se puede usar desde reci√©n nacido con el soporte para infantes, hasta que Marco tuvo 2 a√Īos.

IMG_7545¬°Para bajar de las colinas de San Francisco era m√°s seguro usar el cargador que el cochecito!

Era¬†muy c√≥modo para Marco¬†y muy suave, especialmente, con mi espalda y cintura. Lo us√© principalmente de frente hasta que Marco tuvo m√°s de un a√Īo, momento en que empezamos a llevarlo montado en la espalda en algunas caminatas por parques de nuestra querida California del Norte.

Ergo tiene muchos modelos, si quieren conocer m√°s de sus productos, pueden chequear su sitio web.

creating a sleep routine ‚ÄĘ construyendo una rutina del sue√Īo


I was about 17 years old when I read “The Nausea” by Jean Paul Sartre¬†and¬†who would have thought that I would find useful a phrase from that novel during my motherhood experience!

Those who know me, must have heard me saying it a lot of times. I always say it something like these: “Habits are like nurses, they wash me, dry me, dress me…” ¬†Read the complete quote here.

During Marco’s first 3 months, I was kind of a “hippie”,¬†I didn’t mind about schedules¬†but soon I found myself paying the consequences of not being creating the foundations of a routine.
It was about that time, when I started reading a lot about baby sleep and I found out that at 4 months Marco needed to sleep 2 or 3 naps during the day and not 10 naps of 5 to 10 minutes .
IMG_2265-3Marco in his bassinet
How did I start creating a daytime sleep routine? After learning how many hours of sleep he needed to sleep, I helped him to get to sleep when he had to. Remember, this was three times (3 naps) during the day.
Resources? Everything that could be useful: using the stroller; walking around the house with him in the ergo carrier; rocking him in the bouncer or my legs; white noise… Whatever helped him to get to sleep (and again if he woke up too soon).
IMG_3416Fussy, sleepy baby
So after about a week we had a consistent daytime routine and Marco started to be sleepy around the time I have been helping him to sleep.
Which is the secret? The same that you use anytime you want to create a habit: repetition and consistency.
And this is when Sartre’s quote comes to the scene, because as you will see, once the habit is created, it’s like a nurse that carries you to repeat that action.
IMG_2594Sweet dreams!


Ten√≠a entonces, 17 a√Īos. Le√≠a, durante una adormecedora siesta posade√Īa, “La N√°usea” de Jean Paul Sartre.

¬°Qui√©n imaginar√≠a que en una frase de aquella novela existencialista encontrar√≠a una ense√Īanza que me servir√≠a para mi experiencia como mam√°!

¬†Aquellos que me conocen, la habr√°n escuchado hasta el hartazgo. Siempre viene algo as√≠ como¬†“Los h√°bitos con como nodrizas. Me ba√Īan, me visten me peinan…”¬†Pueden leer la frase exacta y¬†mucho m√°s detallada aqu√≠.
Durante los primeros 3 meses de Marco, puedo decir que fui muy “hippie”, no ten√≠a ni una rutina diaria, sobretodo en relaci√≥n al sue√Īo, pero pronto… me encontr√© pagando las consecuencias de no estar construyendo dicha¬†rutina.
Fue entonces cuando le√≠ acerca de la cantidad de horas estimadas de sue√Īo que los beb√©s necesitaban y me enter√© que a¬†los 4 meses mi beb√© necesitaba dormir¬†2 o 3 siestas durante el d√≠a… No como hasta entonces, 10 siestas de 5 a 10 minutos,¬†sino 2 o 3 siestas de un sue√Īo consistente.
¬ŅC√≥mo hice para crear una rutina del sue√Īo durante el d√≠a? Despu√©s de saber cu√°ntas horas de sue√Īo necesitaba, lo ayud√© a que se durmiera cuando le tocaba. En este caso, tres veces al d√≠a (y m√°s si despertaba luego¬†de dormir muy poquito).
¬ŅRecursos? Todos los necesarios: mecerlo en el coche, caminarlo¬†rapidito¬†en el cargador (en Argentina mis amigas le dicen “mochila”); mecerlo¬†en el bouncer (sillita que se mece para beb√©s); ruido blanco y mecerlo en mis piernas… Cuando se trataba de ayudarlo a que se duerma, me val√≠ de todo lo que ten√≠a.
IMG_4839A veces cuando no se dormía y ya no sabía qué hacer, salíamos en el coche. El frío ayuda a dormir.
As√≠ despu√©s de aproximadamente una semana, Marco empez√≥ a tener sue√Īo en los horarios en los que hab√≠a estado ayud√°ndolo a que se durmiera durante el d√≠a.
¬ŅCu√°l es el secreto? El mismo que el de la construcci√≥n de cualquier h√°bito: la repetici√≥n y la constancia.
Y es aquí donde toma protagonismo la frase de Sartre porque, una vez que el hábito está instalado, es como una nodriza que te ayuda a repetir aquella acción.
¬°Dulces sue√Īos!

baby nursery || el cuarto del bebé


Living abroad and having family and friends planning on traveling to meet Marco gave us the inspiration on how to decorate his nursery.

IMG_3897Marco sleeping in his crib

Using a dry-erase white paint we created a board where our loved ones could leave a special message for our little one.

The process is simple. First, apply a primer and after it dries, apply the dry-erase paint.


It was a cool idea and before we moved, we took some pictures to save those special words of love.

IMG_3889My nephew Santiago, who lives in Caracas, Venezuela, made this cute message

*Info: After some months, it becomes more difficult to erase the ink. I think a chalkboard paint might work better in that way but the white was much better for the wall in this case.


Vivir en otro país y tener familiares y amigos planificando viajes para conocer a Marco fue lo que nos dio la inspiración para decorar el espacio de nuestro bebé.

IMG_7328La pared de Marco

Con una pintura de pizarra blanca pudimos crear una pared en la que nuestros seres queridos podían plasmar mensajes para el chiquitito de la familia.

IMG_3888El mensaje que dejaron los JPSs

El proceso es sencillo en general. Primero usas un “primer” (¬Ņser√° que en espa√Īol es “cebador” como dice Google?) y una vez que seca, pasas la pintura de pizarra blanca.


Fue una buena idea y lo disfrutamos mucho ‚Äďyo escrib√≠ su nombre y le hice algunos dibujitos e incluso uno de mis comics‚Äď y antes de mudarnos, tomamos algunas fotos de los mensajes tan lindos que hab√≠an escrito todos aquellos seres queridos que pudieron visitarnos.

IMG_5488¬°A Marco le fascinaba su Mickey!

*Atención: Después de mucho tiempo se vuelve difícil que no quede marca al borrar. Creo que una pintura de pizarra de tiza negra puede funcionar mejor en ese sentido pero el blanco quedaba muy bien!

create a playspace || crea un √°rea de juegos


When we moved to San Francisco, CA, Marco was 15 months. He had recently started walking -like 2 weeks before that- was full of energy and we had just moved to a small 1 br apartment in a city full of hills and not so baby-friendly, in my experience.

I soon realized that my toddler needed a play-area, so I decided to transform a corner of our living room as his play-area.


I¬†only bought two things for Marco’s play area: the orange chair¬†(The Container Store)¬†and the 9-pieces puzzle foam floor mat (Amazon) which helped to feel like a delimitated area.


Marco loved his little play area and I soon realized that it was also helpful to keep his toys organized just in one place¬†and not everywhere in the apartment. When you’re living in a very small apartment, just a few things out of place can make you feel that it’s a total chaos around.

IMG_0608Always remember to use your imagination to re-use what you already have. Do you see the popcorn tin can from Trader Joe’s? It was great for storage! (it’s the one next to the floor mat).

The white baskets from his nursery were also great for storage and they made clean-up easier and faster since I could throw everything inside them in just a few minutes.


Art-projects found a place in the wall of the play area. I used some washi-tape to adhere them.

IMG_1958Good quality¬†washi tape¬†don’t take out the painting.

I hope you find these ideas useful! It’s nice that everyone in the family is happy with the home they’re living.

Have fun!


Cuando nos mudamos a San Francisco (California) Marco ten√≠a 15 meses y estaba empezando a caminar, estaba con mucha energ√≠a siempre y nos acab√°bamos de mudar a un departamento peque√Īo de un solo cuarto en una ciudad llena de colinas y no tan c√≥moda y amigable para vivir con beb√©s, en mi experiencia.

Pronto me di cuenta que mi peque√Īito necesitaba tener un espacio de juego, tanto como yo necesitaba el¬†living. Entonces, decid√≠ convertir una esquina de ese espacio en su √°rea de juegos.


Sólo compré dos cosas: la sillita naranja que ven en la foto (The Container Store) y el piso de goma-eva con animalitos (Amazon) que ayudaba a delimitar un espacio.


Marco am√≥ su peque√Īo espacio de juegos y yo tambi√©n me di cuenta que hab√≠a sido una buena idea porque ayudaba a mantener los juguetes en un √°rea y no desparramados por toda la casa (lo cual al ser peque√Īa hac√≠a pareciera¬†m√°s ca√≥tica cuando estaba apenas una cosa desordenada).

IMG_0613Es cuestión de usar la imaginación: la lata al lado de la pelota traía pochoclo y ahora sirve para guardar juguetes.

Los canastos blancos fueron una buena solución a la hora de ordenar rápidamente los juguetes al final del día y poder tener un living para que Victor y yo pudiéramos mirar una película en la noche y relajarnos disfrutando de nuestro living.

IMG_1972De espacio de juegos a sala de living en 5 minutos

Una idea que fue muy √ļtil tambi√©n fue utilizar cinta washi (cinta adhesiva japonesa con dibujitos, como una cinta de enmascarar pero estampada) para pegar los proyectos de arte de Marco en la pared, sin preocuparme por la pintura ya que √©sta cinta no la despega.


¬°Espero estas ideas te sean √ļtiles!¬†Es muy bueno que todos los miembros de la familia se sientan a gusto en la casa en la que vivan.

¬°Que se diviertan!

baby video monitor app || monitor de video para bebés


As a first time mom, I wanted to be able to know that my baby was ok and safe while he was napping if I was out of the room¬†but I didn’t want to access the room every 5 minutes because I would¬†wake him up.

I thought that a¬†video monitor could¬†be very useful but it was also¬†so expensive! Then, I came across this gem in the app store:¬†it’s called Cloud Baby Monitor and it only costs $3.99!

You’ll need 2 devices (iphones, ipads or ipods, any¬†of those combinations will work). First you’ll need to synchronize them and then, set one of the devices with the camera looking at your baby and access the video monitor from the other device. Easy, cheap and super useful!

What’s even better is that this app works with wi-fi but also with bluetooth! That was really helpful when we where at a relative’s house where we couldn’t access to wi-fi.

It also has some more features like a lullaby music, a mic from which¬†you can talk to your baby from other room if you need to and it also has the option to use the flash from the camera as a light in case¬†you need to see better when it’s dark.

IMG_5256*I can notice¬†someone woke up even if he¬†isn’t making any noise…

*I didn’t get paid to write this, I’m sharing it because it was¬†a very useful resource for me and I know it can also be useful for some of my friends and others parents around the web.


Como mamá primeriza, quería estar siempre pendiente de que Marco estuviera bien y seguro cuando estaba durmiendo sus siestas si yo estaba fuera de la habitación pero, no quería entrar a la habitación cada 5 minutos o lo despertaría.

Siempre pens√© que un monitor de video ser√≠a super √ļtil pero tambi√©n muy caros. Hasta que me top√© con esta joyita en el App Store: una aplicaci√≥n para el tel√©fono que se llama¬†Cloud Baby Monitor y que ¬°s√≥lo cuesta $3.99!

Necesitar√°s tener dos dispositivos (iphones, ipods, ipads, cualquier combinaci√≥n entre √©stos sirve). Una vez que los sincronizas, ¬†ubicas uno de los dispositivos con la c√°mara mirando hacia adonde est√° tu beb√© y accedes al video desde la otra unidad. Es una aplicaci√≥n de f√°cil uso, econ√≥mica y sobretodo.. ¬°√ļtil!

Adem√°s, Cloud Baby Monitor funciona con wi-fi pero tambi√©n con bluetooth, lo cual era muy bueno cuando est√°bamos en la casa de alg√ļn familiar en la que no hab√≠a wi-fi.

Esta aplicación también trae una musiquita como de móvil de cuna, un micrófono para hablar a tu bebé desde el otro dispositivo y también puedes activar el flash de la cámara como luz cuando no logres ver bien en caso de que la habitación esté muy oscura.

IMG_3897Bebito durmiendo pacíficamente

*No recibo ninguna retribuci√≥n por escribir esta rese√Īa de la¬†aplicaci√≥n. ¬†Estoy compartiendo este dato porque ha sido un recurso muy¬†√ļtil¬†para m√≠ y creo que¬†tambi√©n¬†podr√≠a¬†serlo para otros padres amigos y de la web.

sleep regressions || las regresiones del sue√Īo


When Marco was about 8 months, he was finally¬†sleeping in blocks, he had a consistent sleeping pattern but then,¬†suddenly, he started waking up earlier or some days¬†those peaceful blocks faced various interruptions…

I didn’t know what was happening. So I did my research and read a lot, from different books and online websites, until I found out that he was facing a sleep regression.¬†But¬†he wasn’t actually “regressing”, he really was “progressing” because he was reaching a milestone.

Developmental milestones can be physical (rolling, crawling, cruising, walking, talking) or emotional (permanent object, separation anxiety, weaning, nightime fears, etc) and when our little ones are reaching one of these important marks in their development, consequences in other areas occur, like their sleeping.

Here are some facts and ideas on how I¬†handled Marco’s¬†sleep regressions, according to my experience:

  • First, I checked he¬†wouldn’t be ill. Then¬†I thought about what milestone was he heading to so I could confirm that it was a sleep regression.
IMG_5589Marco learning to cruise around his crib. Naps became a hard work!
  • Sleep regressions usually happen at 8-9 months, 10-12m, 15m, 18m, 2 years, 2 1/2¬†yrs. A lot of sources say that they also happen at about 4 months, but I couldn’t noticed that one.
  • Once the milestone is reached, the regression is over.¬†If the baby/toddler was previously sleep trained, he’ll be back to his routine. Also important: wait until the regression is over to start sleep training if you haven’t done it before.
  • When the baby is facing a sleep regression it’s important to help him to get the sleep he needs. Your routine for nap and bedtime will help you to do this but you”ll also need to help him sleep. At this time, everything comes in handy: a stroll with the stroller, using the carrier or also the white noise app can be very useful at this time to help him soothe himself.
  • How to know when is over? Well, sleep regressions usually¬†last about 2 weeks average ‚Äďin my case they lasted even up to 4 weeks‚Äď but you will also notice it because your¬†baby starts to be more receptive to naps and nighttime… the struggle is ending!
IMG_5662Milestone reached now a let’s go for a good time sleep!

*I’d love to know how was your experience with your baby’s¬†sleep regressions!


Cuando Marco ten√≠a 8 meses, finalmente estaba durmiendo en bloques m√°s largos, ten√≠a un patr√≥n de sue√Īo m√°s consistente pero de repente empez√≥ a despertarse antes o incluso esos pac√≠ficos bloques de sue√Īo se enfrentaban a varias interrupciones….

No sab√≠a qu√© estaba pasando. Entonces me puse a investigar y a leer distintos libros y tambi√©n sitios online y as√≠ me enter√© que mi beb√© estaba enfrentando una regresi√≥n del sue√Īo.¬†Pero en verdad, estaba “progresando” ya que estaba alcanzado un punto importante¬†en su desarrollo.

Los hitos del desarrollo de un beb√© pueden ser f√≠sicos (darse vuelta, desplazarse¬†con sost√©n, gatear, ¬†caminar, hablar) o emocionales (creaci√≥n del objeto permanente, ansiedad de separaci√≥n, destete, miedos) y cuando nuestros ni√Īos est√°n alcanzando estos puntos importantes de su desarrollo, algunas consecuencias ocurren en otros √°mbitos, como por ejemplo: en el sue√Īo.

Aqu√≠ van algunas cuestiones de las regresiones del sue√Īo y tips de c√≥mo manejarlas, basadas en mi experiencia con Marco:

  • Primero chequeaba que no se tratara de que est√© enfermo. Si todo estaba bien, entonces pensaba a qu√© logro se estaba acercando as√≠ podr√≠a confirmar que era una regresi√≥n del sue√Īo.
Este bebito no se podía dormir porque estaba practicando caminar alrededor de su cuna.
  • Las regresiones del sue√Īo usualmente ocurren a los 8-9 meses, 10-12m, 15m, 18m, 2 a√Īos, 2 1/2¬†a√Īos. Muchos refieren que la primera se da a los 4 meses pero yo no he notado esa regresi√≥n con Marco.
  • Una vez que el logro ha sido adquirido, finaliza la regresi√≥n. Si¬†tu beb√© hab√≠a aprendido a dormir en una rutina antes de la regresi√≥n, entonces volver√° a ella cuando la regresi√≥n finalice. Tambi√©n es importante tener en cuenta¬†que no es aconsejable ense√Īar a dormir a un beb√© mientras est√© atravesando una regresi√≥n del sue√Īo.
  • Cuando el beb√© est√° en una regresi√≥n de su sue√Īo, es importante ayudarlo a lograr¬†el sue√Īo que necesita. La rutina de sue√Īo que ya tengas establecida te ayudar√° a lograrlo pero tambi√©n es importante ayudarlo a dormirse si no puede solito. En este momento, todo sirve: mecerlo en el coche, el cargador, o incluso la aplicaci√≥n de ruido blanco que ayuda a que se calme.
IMG_4675Una tarde en que Marco no podía dormir su siesta, nos abrigamos bien y salimos. El fresquito y el movimiento lo ayudaban a dormirse.
  • C√≥mo saber cu√°ndo termina? Usualmente las¬†regresiones del sue√Īo duran un promedio de 2 semanas y hasta 4. Pero notar√°s que lleg√≥ a su fin tambi√©n porque el beb√© empieza a estar m√°s receptivo a las siestas y a la hora de dormir en la noche… ¬°la lucha est√° terminando!
 IMG_5287¡Ahora a dormir bien de nuevo hasta el próximo hito!

*Me encantar√≠a saber de tu experiencia con las¬†regresiones del sue√Īo que ha enfrentado tu beb√©.

DIY cars play table || mesa de juegos para autos

Marco is with an awful cold so we have to create different things to play while staying at home.


I thought of sharing one that can also be useful for those terrible weather days.

You’ll need:

  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Markers

Attach the packing paper to a coffee table using the tape.

Use your markers to draw routes, houses, parks…¬†Let your imagination and¬†your little one guide you.

Play and have fun!


Marco está enfermucho con un resfrío horrible así que tuvimos que inventar muchos juegos para entretenernos mientras estamos en la casa.

Pens√© en compartir uno de ellos, que puede ser muy √ļtil tambi√©n¬†para los d√≠as de lluvia.


  • Papel de embalar (pero al final de cuentas, cualquier papel grande puede servir)
  • Cinta scotch
  • Marcadores

Adhiere el papel a la mesita de caf√© usando la cinta scotch. Utiliza los marcadores para dibujar casas, rutas, parques… ¬°Tu ni√Īito puede indicarte¬†y pueden dejar¬†volar la imaginaci√≥n!

A jugar y divertirse!

soothing a fussy baby || calmando a un bebé

Many of you already know that white noise helps soothing a baby and even help them to fall asleep. From the “human white noise” when we do a constant “shhh” to the rhythmic and continuos sound of a fan in the background.

Marco used to have this “witching hours” of crying from 5pm to 7 pm EVERYDAY until he was about 4 months. We tried so many things!¬†But he didn’t want to nurse¬†neither he needed a diaper change,¬†it wasn’t colic… And in those situations¬†the white noise was extremely helpful because it helped him to soothe himself while I was rocking him.

IMG_3416Baby starting to get fussy…

It was also a very good tool while we were sleep training him. Turning on the white noise helped him to fall asleep faster.

IMG_5662Finally sleeping “like a baby”!

So today, I want to share with you the app that it was absolutely helpful for us, it’s called WhiteNoiseApp and it’s free in the App Store¬†(Not an iPhone user? For other platforms, click here.)

You may ask yourself, why an app when you can buy a white noise machine or play the sound of a video on YouTube? Because if you have it in your phone you can take it everywhere with you and it’s not something more that you’ll need to carry in the diaper bag.

Besides, this app doesn’t need your phone to be connected to wi-fi neither it needs signal so you can use¬†it while your phone is on¬†plane mode or even on the subway… Wherever!

And I must confess that it also helped me to sleep better!

Sweet dreams!



Muchos de ustedes ya sabr√°n que el ruido blanco ayuda a los beb√©s a calmarse e incluso a dormir. Desde el “ruido blanco humano” cuando hacemos un “shh” constante¬†hasta el ruido r√≠tmico y constante de un ventilador de fondo.

Marco sol√≠a tener unas horas de la “chiripiolca”, unas horas locas de llanto todos los d√≠as entre las¬†5pm y las¬†7pm. Trat√°bamos todo pero rechazaba el pecho, no necesitaba que se le cambiara el pa√Īal, no eran c√≥licos… En esos momentos el ruido blanco fue muy √ļtil porque ayudaba a que se calmara mientras lo mec√≠a.

El ruido blanco tambi√©n ha sido una muy buena herramienta cuando le est√°bamos ense√Īando a dormir. Al ponerlo en la cuna, encend√≠amos el ruido blanco y ese sonido continuo lo ayudaba a dormirse mejor.

Por eso, hoy quiero¬†compartirles la¬†aplicaci√≥n de ruido blanco que fue¬†tan¬†√ļtil para nosotros, se llama WhiteNoiseApp y est√° disponible gratis en el App Store (si no tienes iphone, chequea aqu√≠ para la aplicaci√≥n en otras plataformas)

Se preguntar√°n por qu√© una aplicaci√≥n para el m√≥vil cuando uno puede usar el sonido de un video gratis en YouTube o hasta comprar una m√°quina de ruido blanco. Bueno, lo pr√°ctico de que sea una aplicaci√≥n m√≥vil es que la llevas contigo a todos lados y no es algo extra que debas cargar en la pa√Īalera.

Adem√°s, esta¬†aplicaci√≥n no necesita que tu tel√©fono est√© conectado a internet (como si YouTube) ni siquiera necesita se√Īal en tu tel√©fono para funcionar, con lo cual puedes usarlo hasta en modo avi√≥n o ¬°incluso en el subte! Donde sea.

Por √ļltimo, quiero contarles que el ruido blanco hasta me ayud√≥ a m√≠ a dormir mejor.

¬°Dulces sue√Īos!

what I’ve learnt about baby sleep || lo que aprend√≠ acerca del sue√Īo del beb√©


I’m not a doctor.¬†I’m a mom and a psychologist and these are some facts that I learned about teaching a baby to sleep¬†(+6 months old):

  • Schedule, routine and consistency are the key to success. Babies and toddlers thrive in routine. A good idea is to¬†start by creating a daytime routine, learning¬†how many hours your of sleep you baby needs and adjusting his naps. Once daytime is scheduled, it will be easier to teach¬†him to sleep at¬†night.

IMG_3960We started teaching Marco to sleep when he was almost 7 months old.

  • The more your kid sleep, the better he’ll sleep:¬†Even¬†if it happens to you as it happened to me that almost every friend or family member said¬†“You should keep him awake so he’ll sleep better at night” or “Try putting him to bed later”… I have to tell you,¬†it doesn’t¬†work like that. Odds are that it even makes your baby sleep worst!¬†But you don’t need to believe me. Observe your baby and you’ll see.

IMG_5751Marco taking a nap in a cold morning in Montauk, NY. Seems that cold weather helps them to sleep longer as well.

  • Don’t overtire your baby. Well-rested babies fall asleep easier. Remember #2, the more your baby sleeps, the better he’ll sleep. A good idea is to play active games during the morning and quiet games in the afternoon/evening.

IMG_4052Afternoon nap in the Subway.

  • There’s something called sleep regressions and they will happen…¬†a lot¬†(8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 months and more). These regressions can occur¬†for different reasons¬†(reaching milestones, teething, separation anxiety, changes in the environment, etc.). If your baby was trained to sleep before the regression, most probably he’ll be back to his sleep pattern after the issue is resolved.

IMG_5585Marco couldn’t fall asleep. When I entered the room, I saw him cruising on his crib practicing new skills.

  • Start¬†a bedtime routine.¬†With time, the¬†bedtime routine will indicate¬†your baby that it‚Äôs time to drift off to dreamland. But you have to be consistent!¬†Everyday, every night. Even if you’re going on holidays, grab¬†a book with you. Remember #1, being consistent is key!

IMG_0529-3Story-time. We started this bedtime routine when Marco was 8 months old.

Fellow moms and dads, these facts were¬†some of the things that we’ve learnt and that are still very¬†useful for our family and they helped¬†creating¬†a good sleeping habit.¬†It takes time, but the reward is great!

*I hope it can also helps more fellow moms on the web!


No soy un doctor. Soy una mam√° y una psic√≥loga y √©stas son algunas de las cosas que he aprendido acerca del sue√Īo en beb√©s de m√°s de 6 meses:

  • Organizar el d√≠a, la rutina y la consistencia con la clave del √©xito. A los beb√©s y los ni√Īos les encanta la rutina y se desarrollan bien en ella. Una buena idea puede ser organizar primero el d√≠a, aprender¬†cuantas horas de sue√Īo necesita tu¬†beb√© y ajustar sus siestas. Una vez que tengas el d√≠a organizado, ser√°¬†m√°s f√°cil ense√Īarle a dormir en la noche.
  • Hay algo que se llama regresiones del sue√Īo¬†y suceder√°n… ¬°mucho!¬†A¬†los 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 meses y m√°s. Estas regresiones pueden ser por distintas causas (cuando est√° por alcanzar un logro como gatear, caminar, hablar, etc.; dentici√≥n; ansiedad de separaci√≥n; cambios en su ambiente, etc.). Si tu beb√© ya estaba entrenado para dormir antes de la regresi√≥n, volver√° a su patr√≥n de sue√Īo cuando se resuelva lo que caus√≥ la regresi√≥n.
  • Cuanto m√°s tu beb√© duerma,¬†dormir√° m√°s y mejor. Incluso te¬†pasa como a m√≠, que muchos amigos o familiares me dec√≠an “Ten√©s que mantenerlo despierto m√°s tiempo as√≠ duerme m√°s en la noche” o “ten√©s que acostarlo m√°s tarde” … no funciona de ese modo. Lo m√°s probable es que incluso tu beb√© duerma menos o… ¬°peor! (se despierte muchas veces). Pero no necesitas creerme, observa el comportamiento de tu beb√©¬†y te dar√°s cuenta. M√°s duerme, mejor duerme.
  • No canses demasiado a tu beb√©, de ese modo podr√° dormirse f√°cilmente. Recuerda, cuanto m√°s duerma tu beb√©, mejor dormir√°. Una buena idea es hacer juegos¬†m√°s activos durante la ma√Īana y otros m√°s tranquilos acerc√°ndose la hora del sue√Īo.
  • Cr√©ale¬†una rutina para ir a dormir. Con el tiempo, la rutina actuar√° como una se√Īal de que es hora de dormir. Leer cuentos o canciones tranquilas son siempre un buen ingrediente para el ritual de ir a dormir. Pero tienes que ser consistente. Cada noche, todos los d√≠as. Incluso si te vas de vacaciones, lleva un libro contigo. Recuerda el punto #1, ser consistente es clave!

Estos puntos fueron cosas que he aprendido y que han sido muy √ļtiles para mi¬†familia, han ayudado a mi¬†hijo a crear un buen h√°bito del sue√Īo. Lleva tiempo, ¬°pero la recompensa es grande!


Do not reproduce without author’s permission.¬†No reproducir sin autorizaci√≥n del autor.

a simple storage solution || una solución simple para el cuarto del bebé


One of my friends is having a baby and she asked me about a useful and adaptable storage solution for a¬†nursery.¬†I told her about the baskets that I got for Marco’s nursery¬†and she loved the idea, that’s why today I’m sharing some pics¬†of them on this post, maybe it can help other fellow mommies around the web ūüôā

I bought these two white baskets in IKEA while we were living in our 1 br apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

In those days, Marco’s¬†nursery was in our bedroom and the baskets became a great storage solution for everything that couldn’t fit in the dresser/changing table.


Extra diapers package, additional wipes bag, some baby toys found a home in those baskets.

When we moved to San Francisco, CA we lived in a very small 1 br apartment for about 6 months.

At that time, the baskets become a storage solution for toys in the living room. The area could now be easily transform from daytime play-space to a decent living room in just 5 minutes.


From daytime-mess to movie-night moment for mom and dad.

Last year, we moved to San Bruno, CA to a 2 br apartment where Marco now has his own bedroom! And guess what? The baskets are still useful!

A simple storage solution, that costed $30 and it’s still working after 3 years of use!


*I’d love to know what’s your storage solution for baby/toddler toys!


Una de mis amigas est√° por tener un beb√© y me pregunt√≥ por una soluci√≥n para guardar cosas¬†adicionales¬†en el cuarto o espacio del beb√©. Le coment√© acerca de los canastos que us√© en el espacio de Marco y como le encant√≥ la idea, pens√© tambi√©n en compartirlo con ustedes. Tal vez, esta publicaci√≥n podr√≠a servirle a otra mami de la web ūüôā

Cuando vivíamos en nuestro departamento de un dormitorio en Brooklyn, NY, compré estos canastos blancos en IKEA.

En aquellos d√≠as, Marco ten√≠a un peque√Īo espacio dentro de nuestra habitaci√≥n y los canastos sirvieron como una soluci√≥n para guardar todo aquello que no cab√≠a en la c√≥moda (que tambi√©n era cambiador!).

Paquetes adicionales de pa√Īales, bolsas extras de toallitas h√ļmedas e incluso algunos juguetitos de beb√© encontraron un lugar en los canastos.

Cuandos nos mudamos a San Francisco, vivimos en un apartamento muy peque√Īo por 6 meses.

En ese momento, los canastos se volvieron una solución para guardar juguetes en el living. Así, el área podía convertirse de un espacio de juego durante el día a un living decente en solo 5 minutos.

El a√Īo pasado, nos mudamos a un departamento de dos dormitorios en San Bruno. Ahora Marco tiene su propia habitaci√≥n y ¬Ņadivinen qu√©? ¬°Los canastos a√ļn siguen siendo √ļtiles!

¬°Una soluci√≥n que cost√≥ $30 y que a√ļn funciona despu√©s de 3 a√Īos de uso!

*¡Me encantaría saber cuál es la solución que usas para guardar cosas extras en el cuarto de tu bebé!


marco’s 2nd birthday party

My son turned 2 in June and we had a small birthday party at home with just a few friends and some family.

Today I’m sharing a little bit of the party. This was the main¬†table:



Most of the food was homemade. We had some organic meat empanadas, “chipas” (a gluten-free cheese bread made with tapioca flour), “sopa paraguaya” (corn flour pie with cheese, onions and eggs), organic¬†celery, organic baby carrots, organic grapes, pita chips, cheeses, hummus and some yogurt cilantro dip.




I got the train letter from Ebay. The Festive Pennant Garland was from Martha Stewart Crafts.

I got the white 3-Tier Treat Stand from Wilton for the cakes and I used it separately (2 tier for 1 cake and 1 for other).




I used some of Marco’s¬†lunch boxes as a food container also¬†giving the idea of “baggage”.






Since it was also my mom’s birthday, I¬†made her a special cake, creating¬†a zebra-animal print pattern (she’s crazy about animal print patterns). I even got those zebra candles at Lucky’s supermarket, they looked¬†great in¬†this cake.




For Marco’s cake I used Wilton’s fondant and a piece of train ribbon (non-eatable) that I got at Michael’s. Both cakes where chocolate cakes filled with cream and cherries and another part filled with dulce de leche, they were DELICIOUS!





We put the train set on the coffee table so the children could play with it.




I sewed the party favors bags some days before and I filled them with some train/car/planes stickers, a small car and a wood train whistle that I bought at a crafts store in Brooklyn through Amazon.

The trains whistles were a little big for the kiddos but the sound was just like a train and they loved it!




Marco opening his party favor and taking out the wood train whistle.




Marco was dressed as a Train’s Engineer. I bought the overall from Osh Kosh¬†and¬†a random white shirt. I got¬†bandana and¬†the hat at¬†Amazon.




He loved his party and I am so glad that he enjoyed it as much as I did preparing all of it!

birthday party invitations

Today I’m sharing some of the creations that I¬†did for Marco’s 2nd Birthday.

Since he loves trains, we used it as the theme for his birthday party.

These were the invitations:

I used Paper53 to draw and my husband used his designer magic to transform it to a cute invitation.

And these were the Thank You notes just using Paper53.
unknownCome back tomorrow for more pics from Marco’s 2nd Birthday Party!

things to do in Brooklyn with a baby/toddler

These are some of the things we used to do with Marco during the time we lived in Downtown Brooklyn, NY.

Our favorite spots for those cold winter days or for the rainy summer ones:

  • Brooklyn Children‚Äôs Museum: Our favorite spot is the area right on the main level with water games -you don‚Äôt need to get wet- and blue sand. It‚Äôs great for ‚Äúsensory‚ÄĚ activities for the little ones. ¬†Where?¬†145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213 ($$)¬†
  • Brooklyn Public Library: ¬†¬†FREE –¬†Big and great children’s area with lots of activities and with an adorable rug with some characters from Eric Carle’s books. Where?¬†10 Grand Army Plaza,¬†Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Brooklyn Heights Public Library:¬†FREE –¬† It had a decent children‚Äôs area but a big con is that it only has fans and it gets very hot in the summer. Where?¬†280 Cadman Plaza West at Tillary St.,¬†Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Carroll Gardens Public Library: ¬†FREE –¬†Another great place. The children‚Äôs area even though it‚Äôs small, it has some interesting toys specially for those between 1-2 yrs. Where?¬†396 Clinton St. @ Union St.¬†Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Beer Garden in Fort Greene: ¬†What does a beer garden has to do with kids? Well, a lot! Because at Der Schwarze Koelner in Fort Greene you also can have fun! They organize a playgroup on weekdays around 2.30pm that for a little fee your little one can play around with the toys they provide while you eat a pretzel and drink a little something around him. Sounds nice, ha? Where? 710 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 ($$)
  • Greenlight Bookstore: FREE – They organize sing-a-long and story time, provide a lot of good books and they have some nice toys. The place isn’t huge but it’s almost never crowded. Check their website to see the kids’ events. Where?¬†686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Moxie Spot: For those days that you need to get out of the house for a nice and at a great price activity but you don‚Äôt need to register for the classes months before! On the cons: the food is not very good and the toys are not in very good condition‚Ķ But still, you have a place to be that‚Äôs safe and it‚Äôs not your house! Where? 81 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201 More info here¬†($)

Playgrounds Review:

  • Carroll Garden Playground: Small but it has a lttle bit of everything, even a water spray area for kids. Tip: Try going¬†during the morning,¬†it gets very crowded on weekdays afternoon and weekends.
  • Fort Greene: There are two playground areas. The one on Dekalb is less crowded and with younger kids. The one on Myrtle Ave. is big and it has a water spray area also but it’s crowded and sometimes not very safe.
  • Mc Laughlin Park: There’s a basketball court that’s always full of people but the playground is ok even though is more for older kids.¬†Just take care that sometimes there are people using non-legal substances, check before entering to the park.
  • North Pacific Playground: A gem! A small playground area but it’s never crowded! Woohoo! Marco loved this playground. ¬†This one is on Pacific St between 3rd Ave. and Nevins St., Brooklyn.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: Ok, so many areas to have hours of entertainment for every age. Until we left, these are ones we tried:
  1. Pier 1 playground: Super fun. There’s a lot of space to play around. Bring your picnic blanket and have lunch afterwards in the beautiful park with the amazing view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  2. Pier 5: It has a beautiful play space for younger kids under a tent so you don’t need to worry too much about been outdoors because there’s a nice shade that covers¬†the play space.
  3. Pier 6 Swing Valley: great for those little ones that love the swings! Marco used to loved this play area. Also it was good to practice his walking around this playground because the padded floor was very comfy and safe.
  4. Pier 6 Water Lab: Super crowded on weekends and afternoons but still an amazing place, specially for more than +2 years. The water is very cold and since it’s so full of kiddos it won’t be much fun for the little ones.
  • And of course, another great park is our beloved Prospect Park, where you can find a¬†carrousel, a zoo, 7 different playgrounds and lots of grass¬†to run around. Endless fun!

Enjoy Brooklyn!

great tip for summer walks


The summer is close to its end but you can still take advantage of the tip I’m going to share with you: carry a picnic blanket in your¬†diaper bag.

I have to tell you, ever since I bought my new portable and cheap blanket from Ichiban Kan, we have been doing a lot of spontaneous picnics!

Of course this blanket is not as¬†beautiful as our JJ Cole one but this cheap blanket was the perfect size,¬†waterproof,¬†light and small¬†enough to fit into the diaper “backpack”.

By the way, that’s another tip. Backpacks are much more easier to use than traditional diaper bags if you use public transportation frequently in San Francisco ūüėČ


things I didn’t know about babies



A good advice that I can give another fellow mom:

If you have a smartphone, look for the free white noise app. Lots of noises that will help your baby¬†sooth or sleep wherever you are (plane, train, subway, on the go, on holidays, at your BFF’s house… WHEREVER and whenever¬†because it doesn’t need wifi to run!).

No smartphone?¬†Try using some videos from Youtube, just search “white noise” and you’ll find LOTS of videos some even last around 10 hours!

No internet around? Any of the items in the illustration work! Also others as a vacuum cleaner, fan, air conditioning… and of course, the “human white noise”: a quiet but constant “Shhhh” might do the trick ūüėČ


how to start a conversation with another mom/dad


That’s my favorite¬†phrase to start a conversation with another adult while I’m with Marco at any playground in the US.

The other mom/dad¬†will answer and almost always ask you back¬†‚ÄĚhow old is yours?‚ÄĚ.

If both of the kids are around¬†the same age, you’ll have some things to talk about and if they aren’t, you still can talk about what’s coming or what is left behind.

Let’s make some new friends!

baby formula and gmo

2012-07 GMO

In the last week, two friends of mine who are formula feeding their newborns discovered what¬†baby colics¬†were (inconsolable crying even after feeding, baby¬†stiffs¬†his limbs, arches his back. You can really notice that s/he’s very upset and uncomfortable and it’s not hunger neither his diaper, etc.)

If you are formula feeding your baby¬†you need to know this: formula has GMO. It has¬†genetically modified soy, in between other “ingredients”. You don’t need to believe me. Read the ingredients label.

I want to share with you what I -a mom who reads a lot, not a doctor, just a friend- suggested to my friends and was useful for them:

  • Talk to his/her¬†doctor and ask her/him to¬†change the formula brand for one that doesn’t contain GMO (specially not soy).
  • If your baby¬†is still having issues, ask the doctor for a free lactose formula.

But if you can, my friend, forget about the formula and turn to breastfeeding exclusively, nothing better than that ūüėČ

the way I do my grocery shopping

Some of my friends who have seen me doing my grocery shopping loved this so I want to share it with all of you, maybe it can help another mom/dad out there.

Since I don’t have a car neither a driving license yet, I do my grocery shopping within a walking distance from our apartment.

So, every time that I go to the grocery store, I grab a basket and attach it to the stroller.

After I pay and leave the store, I put the heavy stuff in the storage space of the stroller (juice, milk, cans, etc.) and hang my reusable bags from the hooks on each side of the stroller.

Pretty useful ūüėČ