preschool blanket

On January 2013, I sewed these crib bumpers using regular cotton filled with an organic cotton batting from Warm Company. They looked very good and were very useful.




Now Marco doesn’t need the crib bumpers anymore. Also, he is starting preschool -yay! I can’t believe that little chubby baby from the picture above is already in preschool!- so he was in need of a preschool blanket.

I decided to re-use the organic cotton. So, first I unstitched the crib bumpers using… my victorinox (I’m more a maintenance technician than a fashion designer lol).


Afterwards, I sewed the parts creating a rectangle. This was going to become the blanket’s filling.

I got these lovely fabrics for the blanket at my local fabric store. I needed 1 yard of each.


I put the filling in the middle and I sewed a rectangle leaving about 10 cm. over the edges.



Then, I unstitched some of the corners to sew correctly the edges.


And after 3 hours, the project was done and it looked great!


You can adjust even more the filling by adding some stitches to the middle part of the blanket, using a cross-stich like in a quilt.


This project was so easy. I didn’t use patterns, I just took the measures properly and used a lot of pins! If you want to do this and need any help, let me know!

Happy first day of school!


My little one with his blanket.

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  • Andra qué linda quedó! me dan ganas de tener máquina y saber hacer algo con ella!!! Me encanta la tela, y sobre todo el modelo!
    Feliz primer día de colegio al cachetón más lindo!!!

    • Gracias tots! Coser este tipo de proyectos es bastante fácil así que si un día te animas, me avisas y te ayudo con gusto 🙂 Besotes!

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