Holiday Envelope Art Session is coming soon!

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to let you know that I prepared a special class for this Holiday Season: Modern Calligraphy: Holiday Envelope Art Session! It will be a one day session only that will last 2 (two) hours.

If you’ve taken a Modern Calligraphy Workshop and want to try addressing your envelopes using your own Modern Calligraphy skills plus adding some art details, join me on November 19th at 10am at A Work Of Heart in San Jose, CA.

We’ll go over tips and tricks to letter envelopes; I’ll share with you info about the best tools to use when addressing envelopes while we enjoy some snacks and light beverages.

All of the above plus a shiny gold ink and some assorted colors/sizes envelopes are also included!

You’ll just need to either bring your own pen holder and nibs or buy those at A Work Of Heart.

Want to join? Just click here!

See you soon!

New workshop date!

Last weekend I had a new round of marvelous students attending my workshop at A Work Of Heart Studio in San Jose, CA.

The new location of A Work of Heart is just so good, it provides us with plenty of natural light, a big studio space where we can be comfortable while enjoying a time of making art together (while indulging with some fresh donuts!)

You already know that I like to prepare each workshop goodies and decor with a different “theme”. I kept the “kraft” color for this one since it’s the color of fall, which is in my favorite season.

I added those little pen boxes that were just too cute!

I always bring extra goodies; assorted samples of paper in different colors and sizes, tags, envelopes, you’ll always find something cool in those if you’re a paper nerd like me!)

Student at work!

For this occasion, I gave ¬†to my students this hand-lettered tote bag with “autumn/fall” messages. Made by me of course, and I think they loved them!

Here’s a look at some of them…

This Thankful tote might be my favorite one…!
I love the Letter “F” in this one!
Ok, that grateful is also very pretty!
Do you want to try Modern Calligraphy?

The good news is that I’ve added a new date for November! Do you want to join us? I’m still working on the new decor so… surprise surprise!

You can register online here and I hope to see you at A Work Of Heart on November 12th!

Baby announcement!

After a long time wishing for this baby to come, he/she will be finally coming to our lives April 1st, 2018!

We’re so happy and tremendously thankful for this blessing!

Or course, being a lettering nerd I wanted to incorporate something of my art to make his announcement and since it is Fall, the best way to do for me was lettering on pumpkins!

For this project I bought real pumpkins at my local grocery store, wipe them clean with a wet cloth and then I dried them with a paper towel.

I tried lettering first with my favorite Molotow marker but the texture didn’t make it very opaque. Same thing happened with the Sharpies Acrylic Water based.. They just didn’t stick plus they created like a rough coat in some patches (you can still see those in the “beb√©” littlest pumpkin).

So at the end, the best marker for this project for me was the Chalk Ink Chalk Marker. It sticked, it was opaque and it didn’t create layers of ink leaving a rough look. So, Chalk Ink Marker… Approved!

Also, little detail but the chisel tip is always great to create the thin and thick lines and give it more of a faux calligraphy look.

Enjoy the fall season friends!

My 3 favorite projects for beginners

Let’s be honest. Being a beginner is tough and frustrating a lot of times¬†and¬†this is specially true if you’ve decided to give Modern Calligraphy a try.

During my first year with this beautiful but difficult art I struggle A LOT.

First, it was just trying to get that balance of thin and thick lines. Like, what’s happening? Why does it seem¬†so simple when others do it but so difficult for me? Is it the pen, the nib, the pressure?Argh. This¬†endeavor¬†was hard.

After several hours of practice, it seemed that the weekly practice paid off helping my brain to connect to the dots between what I wanted to do and what my arm and my hand were actually doing.

And that’s when I had to face all the rest of the battles: creating a decent shape for each letter (OMG that was hard!); dealing with the ink bleeding¬†on the¬†paper (and then having to learn about paper and ink quality) to¬†finally¬†keeping kind of a straight line and attempt¬†to create something of a¬†composition.

For a moment, I felt like I was in the middle of The Two Towers in LOTR battling¬†hordes and hordes of orcs¬†(yes, I’m a little bit of a nerd… if¬†you didn’t yet notice it!)

And then, when I somehow managed to¬†have¬†all of the above working… A huge blob of ink would ruin my project!

I tell you friends, the struggle is real!

But there was something that helped me to feel less frustrated. And that was being able to create some projects that were pretty enough for the level I was at that time, a beginner.

That’s why I want to share today 3 ideas of projects that you can create and who knows? They might also help you,¬†as they helped me, to feel more encouraged about my art and not quitting at it.

1. Re-Use those sheets of PRACTICE!

After hours or practice you start to have several sheets of paper with alphabet samples, numbers or maybe calligraphy exercises.

They might not look pretty at all when you see them. For instance, take a look at this one:

After 1 month into Calligraphy

But what happens when you re-use it as a wrapping paper? Add a nice ribbon and, voilà! Something not pretty turned into something cute!

¬†Ohhh… What a little ribbon can do!

2. Create a simple quote for a wall decor

In this case I would say: keep it simple, keep it short and if you aim for a baby nursery or kids bedroom then it might be even better, since cute and imperfect sometimes is just what we are looking for in this kind of projects!

Quote for a baby nursery

Additional points: Frame it. Even with an IKEA frame. You’ll see how much of a difference¬†it makes after it’s framed!




It might seem simple but hey…! Who doesn’t love to receive some snail mail love?! I can assure you that not everyone knows how to write how you’re learning to so, feel confident enough to try it! Specially if it’s for a good friend who will appreciate your efforts to send something a little bit more special ūüôā

Snail mail day is always a happy day for me!


Okay friends, I hope these ideas are as useful to you as they were to me! Keep on practicing and most important… enjoying that calligraphy practice because we all know: it’s all about the journey!


Ps: Want to join in this Modern Calligraphy adventure?

Sign up for my next Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop in San Jose, CA. Register here. Beginner kit, refreshments and treats included. Hope to see you there!

about handmade paper and a lesson learnt

Yesterday I was struggling to create a wedding invitation in a stunning handmade paper.

It had to be kind of an elegant/dreamy/romantic theme for the invite so I started sketching first.

When I had something that I was ok with, I started the inking process and following suggestions of other colleagues I attempted to use the Brause Rose Nib. And then, the struggle began.

It wasn’t that I was catching fibers of the paper¬†or anything like that. It was just that I felt that it was too hideous¬†to do it and it took me forever and even waste 2 pieces of that luxurious paper.

Anyhow, I did it. I created the wedding invitation and the RSVP.

Today, the final part came.

I had to finish the suite with a hand-drawn map. So I chose to go, for this project, with one of my favorites nibs: a Nikko G.

First I did my practicing sketch on pencil and just a regular US letter paper and then I started the inking process on the handmade paper.

I drew it all at once and in only 15 minutes. I was so surprised.

And then it hit me as a thunder. First, I was doing something that was totally out of my comfort zone (I was even trying a different lettering style, not one of my own) and that was what made it so uncomfortable and difficult.

But folks, we don’t need to stay¬†in that uncomfortable place forever! Otherwise, life would suck!

I think that just trying new things, getting out of that safe place for a little while, leaves marks that will help create a bigger, richer, even more complex reality.

As in life we need time to be awake and time to rest, we also need to explore out of our comfort zone but then go back to our safe place in order to create with a wider vision after that experience.

But then of course, creative life doesn’t work this way but all together, like on a M√∂ebius strip!

Now, a quick video from this morning sharing all of this on social media.


about last year and this week

Hi folks, weekly post here and today with more good news!

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to create some beautiful calligraphy pieces for the Styled Pop Up Series Workshop; by the way,¬†if¬†you’re a beginner lifestyle photographer or are curious about lifestyle photography, you need to check it out!

Welcome sign that I created for the workshop


Now this week, I have the joy to tell you that the Styled Pop Up Series has been PUBLISHED by Borrowed & Blue!

What an amazing opportunity that was!

modern calligraphy wedding invitation suite


I’m so happy that this¬†Romantic Winery Styled Shoot‚Äôs wedding will be featured front and center¬†on their¬†San Francisco home page!

In love with this beautiful state that I call now home: California


Click in the image below to see all the pictures from this Styled Series Pop Up with an amazing winery theme wedding inspiration!

See you next week, friends!

– – – – – –

List of Vendors:
Wedding Planner:
Bride’s Gown:¬†
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Bridal Garter:
Furniture Rentals:
Floral Design:

what are you doing in may?

Folks, I have a new date available for my Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop!

It will be on Sunday May 21st from 3-5pm. Be sure to register here.

Now, some pictures of the last one on April 13th.

Each one of my workshops have different colors, this one was holographic, a very trendy theme at the moment.

morning workshop with fresh donuts from my favorite spot in willow glen, san jose


nibs and ink JARs




There’s still one more workshop in April but that one is already sold out.

But don’t forget you have another chance in May!

See you soon!



some tips about printable files III

Hi there, today I have a new post with a new idea for the printable files that you can get at my etsy shop.

Sometimes a simple printable file for a greeting card can be use in multiple ways, for instance as gift tags!

Or some other times we want to use the same file to create several mini greeting cards. For those times, this idea will be super useful!


On your printing options, choose to print i.e. 16 copies per page. Print them, trim them and you’ll have 16 adorable¬†tags to add to your gifts.

I did this for last Valentine’s Day treats for my son’s school and they were the cutest and¬†one of a kind¬†treats’ tags!

Have a great week folks!

some tips about printable files II

Hi folks!

A new tip to get a better quality print of the digital files that you can buy on my etsy shop.

Choosing the right option

When you’re about to print your digital file, choose “photo” despite of using a photo paper; choose the “photo” option¬†even if you’re using a plain paper.

By choosing this option, you’ll get a brighter print with a better quality.

Here’s a short video guide on how I do it.

See you soon with more ideas! Have a great week!

some tips about printable files

Printable files are an affordable, super fast way to get some art for your wedding, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, holidays and also art that you can print at home, frame and hang it as decor on your walls.

These days you can buy online and print at home a greeting card, a dessert table sign or even an alternative guestbook for your special celebration avoiding the shipping fees or the wait!

Sounds great, right? But printing at home is not always easy… I get that. So, today I want to share a¬†quick tip¬†to¬†help you get¬†a better quality print for the printables that you can get at my etsy shop.

-One of the things that makes the most professional look on an art-print is to having the design to reach to the edges of the paper, leaving no white margins.

How to achieve this?

When you’re going to print, choose the option “Scale to fit” and then “Fill the Entire Paper“.

Following this simple step will make the whole design to occupy the entire page and there will be no white edges to trim later!

Isn’t that cool?!

Now, be sure to stay tuned, I’ll be posting more useful tips like this to bring the best out of your home printer soon!

Happy week everyone!

modern calligraphy workshop recap

Hi there!

Today I wanted to share some pics of the Modern Calligraphy workshop that I offered at A Work Of Heart Studio in the charming Willow Glen neighborhood in San Jose, CA.

For this opportunity, Bonjour Bloom prepared a beautiful flower arrangement for the chalkboard sign that I did and another one for the table.

The workshop lasted 2 hours and it included a Beginner Calligraphy Kit and some extra goodies.

The beginner calligraphy kit includes 2 (two) different kind of nibs, a straight pen holder, 2 (two) jars of professional white and black calligraphy inks and -most important- a lesson handout with useful information about how to prepare your nibs, hold your penholder, clean and maintain your tools, alphabet and numbers sample and more!

I also added a list of my favorite tools like brands of papers, nibs, inks in the handout, something that’s so useful to continue the practice on your own calligraphy journey.

In this opportunity, I gave the students some personalized notebooks that I prepared with their names. I love to be in those little details!

The students and I had a lot of fun!

I’ve added a new date for the workshop!

So come join the fun and learn the beautiful art of Modern Calligraphy on April 2nd or April 30th at A Work Of Heart in San Jose, CA.

I hope to see you there!

inspiration for winery weddings: styled pop up series 2016

Hi folks,

Quick post here just to share with you the video from last year’s¬†Styled Pop Up Series¬†for which¬†I did some of my favorite calligraphy pieces from 2016!

Gorgeous inspiration for winery weddings!

Wedding Planner:
Make Up:
Bride’s Gown:¬†
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Bridal Garter:
Furniture Rentals:
Floral Design:
Bride’s Shoes:¬†

introduction to modern calligraphy workshop

Hi friends!

I’m so happy to share the news that I have two upcoming dates for my Introduction to Modern Calligraphy workshop.

It’s a 2-hour program in which we’re going to¬†learn:

-How to assemble your pen, inking up you pen, proper holding and basic strokes.
-Practicing exercises
-Uppercase letters
-Lowercase letters
-How to clean and maintain your nibs.
-Tips on paper, ink, brands.

A beginner calligraphy kit it’s included and it brings some great tools to start practicing calligraphy:

-1 Straight Pen Holder
-Starter nib
-2 small jars of ink
-Different papers (grid for practice, white and black 4×6 for projects)
-Alphabet Sample

Join me on Wednesday 8th or Sunday 12th at A Work Of Heart Studio in the charming neighborhood of Willow Glen to learn the beautiful art of modern calligraphy. Register here.

See you there!

calligraphy || mother’s day giveaway

Since November last year, I’ve been practicing calligraphy, reading about it, doing some online courses (here¬†and here) and I also attended a short workshop with Bay Area calligrapher¬†Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

It’s been an interesting journey to use other media to express myself.

I specially like Modern Calligraphy since it gives me the freedom to develop my own style. I feel that it’s like¬†drawing, but drawing letters ūüôā

This year I decided to use this technique plus some watercolors to¬†create a free downloadable¬†art for Mother’s Day.

Motherhood is an amazing journey. It’s a rollercoaster, it has the scariest moments and the most fun moments all-together.

Sometimes it seems that a day lasts forever; just like when you’re going up in your cart and it seems it¬†will never end climbing and then, suddenly, it goes so fast that you still feel like it was just a moment¬†ago when everything started.

Hemingway wrote¬†one of my favorites quotes and, now that I think about it, it can¬†also be used to express how¬†kids grow up: “Gradually, then suddenly“.

Motherhood is an amazing journey. You can do it alone, but it will take part of your sanity on the journey so it’s just much better if¬†you have other(s) around to help.

For some moms, the help comes from their partners, for other it comes from amazing¬†parents or in-laws, for others great relatives, good friends or even a kind neighbor or from the¬†community close to you.¬†And even when none of those exist or we don’t feel their help, God is always there, in our hardest moments when we don’t even think he could possibly be there with us and in the easiest silliest ones: always. ¬†

Motherhood is an amazing journey. So, take this gift and send it to a mom you know because we are all in this together and feeling ¬†that we’re not alone in this is… Oh boy, such a relief!

We’re all in this together. We’re changing our world raising the human beings of¬†the future.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love <3


Mother's Day





my etsy shop is open for business!

More happy news to share! My Etsy shop is open for business and now you can buy my art as a downloadable file and print it at your house. That’s right, downloadable/printable. However you want to call it!
Those digital files are ONLY available at my Etsy shop!

Art-prints, frames, clothing and accessories items are as always available at my online gift store.
Thank you for visiting and see you around!

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Friends, I am very happy to host¬†a giveaway for Mother’s Day!

You can win this art print (my favorite one!)

8651490_8948600-prn01_lz“Mommy & Me – Whales.”¬†

To participate, just pick one or more of these:

You have time until May 4th, 2015 at 00.00 Pacific Time (yeah! May the force be with you all!). Valid for US residents only.

Specifications: Art print / Mini (10″ x 8″).¬†Gallery quality gicl√©e print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. No exchanges. No valid for cash value.

DIY mug

I’m¬†very happy that my mother in law is visiting us.¬†One of my favorite moments with her is our conversations over coffee and breakfast. So, today, I’m sharing how I did a special mug for her in less than 1 hour following¬†this tutorial.

First, I decided on the design and wrote it with a pencil over a blank mug.



With a black Sharpie, I wrote the phrase that I chose. Since she’s such a Beatles fan, I went with one of those well-known chorus…


When I had the design done, I pre-heat the oven at 350F and “bake” the mug for 30 minutes.


After it cooled down, I washed it to check that the experiment had effectively worked.


All you need is love and more coffee.


This¬†project was so easy and cool that¬†I think I’ll be “baking” some more mugs for Christmas presents!


Let me know if you try this. I’d love to know what design or phrases you choose!

happy thanksgiving

I took advantage of one of my baby’s nap and did this drawing at our chalkboard kitchen wall.

First, I went on search of some web inspiration and made some changes to what I’ve found.

I don’t like to spend days on a project, if I’m inspired, I want to do something right away. That’s the main reason why my drawings can always be better.

I have two choices, either I learn to be more patient and take the time to do something very good or I should take the challenge to do it better in the first approach.

Challenge accepted ūüėČ

first offer to buy my art

I was heading back home after the class and while I was waiting for the F train, a man got close to me and offered to buy my #painting. I didn’t sell the painting because it was my first but I got a story to tell you!

Luego de la clase, estaba yendo a casa y mientras esperaba el tren F, un se√Īor se me acerc√≥ y me hizo una oferta por la pintura. No la vend√≠ porque era mi primer pintura pero‚Ķ ¬°me qued√≥ la an√©cdota!