A gift wrapping paper story

Last week I was preparing handmade presentsand I wanted to wrap them in a special way.

Of course, hand-lettering is the answer to anything that comes to my mind when I think about creating something “pretty” or “special”. So I decided to write on Kraft paper using a watercolor brush and Dr. Ph. Martins Bleed-proof White Ink.

Now, since the kids that were going to receive these presents have Venezuelan parents (either their moms or dads), I thought that it could be a cool idea to use the lyrics of an “aguinaldo” which is a Christmas carol from Venezuela.

I particularly like the one I chose for this project, I think it’s called (if Google doesn’t fail me) “El Niño Criollo” because it tells the story of what would have happened if the Virgin Mary were from the Andes and St. Joseph from the plains lands of Venezuela. Then baby Jesus would have been Venezuelan, would have slept in a “chinchorro“(a hand-knit hammock), he would have dark brown eyes, etc. The songs continues given all these examples and I find it very sweet and I like it a lot.

Maybe also because I always like to think alternatives to the reality we’re in now, kind of a “What if?”. It gives me the reminder that reality is something that we build each day, is not something naturally given, it’s a human construction. Ok, enough of the old psychologist in me! 😛

Now, here are some pictures of the final piece…

And the afterwards, once the paper was cut and I wrapped the presents with it…

What do you think of this idea? I’d love to know!

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