introducing: summer deliciousness

In the last weeks, I’ve been studying a little bit about creating patterns and today I want to share with you a new product that I have for sale: scarves! (a *must* for our Northern California weather!)

The illustration is a simple line drawing inspired in the summer deliciousness: cherries & strawberries.

It’s available for sale here.

Soon, it will also be available as a fabric, wall or gift paper here.

*I’d love to have your feedback on this! Feel free to leave your comment below!

happy thanksgiving

I took advantage of one of my baby’s nap and did this drawing at our chalkboard kitchen wall.

First, I went on search of some web inspiration and made some changes to what I’ve found.

I don’t like to spend days on a project, if I’m inspired, I want to do something right away. That’s the main reason why my drawings can always be better.

I have two choices, either I learn to be more patient and take the time to do something very good or I should take the challenge to do it better in the first approach.

Challenge accepted 😉