I’m back! are you still there?

Hi friends!

It’s been a while, I know. So many things happened since I’ve last wrote on this blog.

And everyday that goes by makes itĀ a little bit more difficult to write again because… itĀ feels that it’s been decadesĀ since I last posted something on the blog!

Anyway, in order to put an end to this “never-ending blog neurosis”,Ā Ā I decided to just start by saying:

Hey, I’m back! Are you still there?

If so, I’m so happy that you’re reading this!

Also, since Valentine’s it’s just around the corner, I have a little somethingĀ for you <3

A free Happy Galentine’s printable card.

Download itĀ hereĀ and send it to your bestie!Ā Because we all need those girl-friends that make our life much better!

Have a lovely week everyone!


idea for ben & jerry

Hi Ben & Jerry!

I have the name of the next Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Chips flavorĀ that you need to create in the next 7 days: “PMS”

It was either that nameĀ or “I’m filing for Divorce” because if B&J creates that flavor, then my husband better not even dare to touch it during my PMS days… Otherwise, he can consider himself served! šŸ˜›