how to start a conversation with another mom/dad


That’s my favorite phrase to start a conversation with another adult while I’m with Marco at any playground in the US.

The other mom/dad will answer and almost always ask you back ”how old is yours?”.

If both of the kids are around the same age, you’ll have some things to talk about and if they aren’t, you still can talk about what’s coming or what is left behind.

Let’s make some new friends!

baby formula and gmo

2012-07 GMO

In the last week, two friends of mine who are formula feeding their newborns discovered what baby colics were (inconsolable crying even after feeding, baby stiffs his limbs, arches his back. You can really notice that s/he’s very upset and uncomfortable and it’s not hunger neither his diaper, etc.)

If you are formula feeding your baby you need to know this: formula has GMO. It has genetically modified soy, in between other “ingredients”. You don’t need to believe me. Read the ingredients label.

I want to share with you what I -a mom who reads a lot, not a doctor, just a friend- suggested to my friends and was useful for them:

  • Talk to his/her doctor and ask her/him to change the formula brand for one that doesn’t contain GMO (specially not soy).
  • If your baby is still having issues, ask the doctor for a free lactose formula.

But if you can, my friend, forget about the formula and turn to breastfeeding exclusively, nothing better than that 😉

the way I do my grocery shopping

Some of my friends who have seen me doing my grocery shopping loved this so I want to share it with all of you, maybe it can help another mom/dad out there.

Since I don’t have a car neither a driving license yet, I do my grocery shopping within a walking distance from our apartment.

So, every time that I go to the grocery store, I grab a basket and attach it to the stroller.

After I pay and leave the store, I put the heavy stuff in the storage space of the stroller (juice, milk, cans, etc.) and hang my reusable bags from the hooks on each side of the stroller.

Pretty useful 😉