christmas in a jar

Maybe I went too far using the same jars for decorations in my home this year but I just can’t get enough of how lovely they look!

You’ve already seen how I used it for Halloween and for Thanksgiving… But this time, I decided to try using the jar in a craft project with Marco.

We used, of course… a jar, sea salt, a small  plastic pine branch that I cut it from our plastic christmas tree with some play dough on the base, a snowman candle that I had from previous years and one of the chalkboard tags with a new message: Be Merry! * (This time I used a white Sakura Gelly Roll to write the message).


This jar project was fun, cute and easy to do. You just put all the elements inside and close the lid.

The only issue is that I don’t know how much time it will last on our coffee table since this little toddler grabs it anytime he goes by the table and start shaking it constantly! Anyway, it was fun!


PS: I’d love to know about your DIY christmas decorations! The season is just starting!

happy holidays everyone

I do like Martha Stewart and all the fancy, lovely ornaments that you can find everywhere during the christmas season.

The thing is that, since we moved from NY and for a few more months, we’re living in a small one bedroom apartment with some still unopened moving boxes around and… with a toddler.

But I still wanted to make something for the most wonderful time of the year at home.

So, let’s get started telling you what I did.

First of all, the tree. We bought a little tree at our local Trader Joe’s and we hope to have him with us for some more christmases. We named him Pinono and Marco says goodbye to him and to Ludmila -our orchid- every night before going to bed.

Since I also was on a budget, I took advantage of the dollar spot at Target and got some ornaments there.

As you may see in the pictures, this is how a christmas look at my place. In between the mess, the moving boxes, the guitar, the printer… But it’s real, it’s christmas and I love it 🙂

Happy holidays everyone!