written in dreams

This year I’ve started to practice meditation.

I admit that, in the beginning, I used to feel kind of silly just being “aware of my breathing” but I found some guided meditations on YouTube that helped me to focus and concentrate on my meditation.

Since it’s guided, it’s easier for me to follow and not get distracted with “all the things that I should be doing instead of laying down for 20 minutes“.

Anyway. Long story short. Last week, as I was finishing my meditation, a phrase comes to my mind.

Just as I was getting out of that dream-style phase -as Freud would refer when talking about the Schreber case- that moment that is neither the dream nor the vigil, just in that passage, in the middle.

Well, as I was transiting that very moment, a phrase came to my mind,it  arose like a brilliant idea and it sticked to me.

The words were in spanish, my native language, and it said exactly this:


2014-12-04 no falta mucho


The phrase transmits that whatever is going to happen -assuming you’re waiting for something special to take place- it won’t pass much time until it happens but it’s not going to occur soon neither. It’s a messy phrase but still, it suggests that it’s going to happen.

Like the last 10 miles of a Marathon. Don’t loose your faith, it’s going to happen. But keep up the work so you’ll make it happen!

PS: Have you ever remember a catchy phrase from a dream?

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