Waiting for Luca

Hi folks!
So here we’re, still waiting for Luca but patiently. I think the fact that this will be my last pregnancy makes it a less anxious waiting. Also it helps a lot that I’ve been feeling very good -specially considering that I’m over 40 weeks pregnant now!- so that has been a huge relief.

In the meantime, since I’m mostly at home waiting and handling all my home-related tasks, I took some time to play on Procreate with the few “bump pics” that I took during this pregnancy.

I did some lettering using different styles and brushes and thought of sharing these with you this week.

What do you think? I hope you like them!

picture by Quianna Marie Photography

From week 4 that I found out that I was pregnant until week 22, my pregnancy was a super tough ride, as you might already know. I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t do anything besides laying on the couch or running to the toilet. So… I wasn’t in the mood for any pictures. This one is the first one I have and it was on week 18!

Slowly starting to feel a little better. This is one day working in my studio at 19 weeks.

By week 26 I was feeling much much better! And you can notice on my smile 😀

Getting bigger 🙂

And here’s the last one from last weekend!

My due date was April 1st… We’ll see when this little one decides to come to this world! Will I have news next week?

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See you soon!