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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, friends!

Since my kid (and husband) are Americans, we’ve decided to celebrate this holiday preparing a traditional American meal. Then on Christmas, we can cook some delicious and traditional¬†Venezuelan recipes and on New Year’s eve we can prepare some traditional Argentinian dishes. In that way, the culinary cultural heritage of each member of this family can be¬†present on¬†a special holiday.

It was fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and one of our dear friends, Lorena. She also happens to be a great Bay Area photographer, you can see more of her work at ByLorena Photography. In fact, all the pictures featured on this post were taken by Lorena so I also want to say a big thank you to my friend who kindly shared with us these beautiful pics!

Now, let’s talk about recipes.

Deviled Eggs. For this appetizer I used one recipe that I’ve found at¬†HelloTruelove, Katie’s cute, lovely and inspiring blog about city life, travel and cooking.¬†¬†The recipe is¬†delicious as it but I added a little bit of Valentina sauce, just to make it spicy and hot, so this is¬†optional ūüėČ


I used this recipe for the sweet dinner rolls but since I don’t have a bread machine I just kneaded all the ingredients¬†together using my Kitchen Aid. Once the dough doubled in size,¬†I shaped them as buns and left¬†them cover on a non-stick cookie pan for another 30 minutes. Then, I¬†baked the buns for 30′ at 350F.

In fact, they were so good that I used the leftovers buns the day after for some Benedict Eggs that I made for breakfast (I threw them in the toaster for a few seconds just before serving).

20141128_Thanksgiving_byLorena_13 Specially delicious if you serve them warm.

Being honest,¬†I didn’t want to risk too much with the main dish¬†so I bought an already Stuffed Turkey Breast from Trader Joe’s. I just baked it and it turn out fine. I added a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of maple syrup on¬†the last 5 minutes of oven to get a nice golden color and taste.


Israeli Couscous. Ok, this side dish has nothing of traditional on this day but it still was a great¬†one. I cooked¬†the couscous¬†as directed on the package (I got it at TJs) then,¬†I mixed it with roasted¬†brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, braised¬†fennel and onions. I made a vinaigrette using apple vinegar, olive oil, salt pepper and a little bit of honey… It was delicious!

20141128_Thanksgiving_byLorena_6Hey you! On the right bottom corner… You’re not traditional! What are you doing here, Israeli Couscous? ūüėõ

Now,¬†I have to tell you something about the¬†Pumpkin Pie. I’ve never ever tasted a Pumpkin Pie before in my life but anyway I tried to make one.

I headed to AllRecipes and looked for the recipe with most reviews… and¬†I made a few changes. I used organic sweet condensed milk (available at Trader Joe’s) and a¬†frozen crust¬†that I got at the same grocery store and that I baked for 8 minutes before filling it.

I didn’t use cream to garnish it because, as you now may already know, I am not a fan of heavy cream but anyway, the pie turned out quite good.

Do you remember the jars that I used on Halloween on my coffee table? Well, they found a new role on my dining table. This time, I¬†used some (popcorn) corn that I had, a candle and a new message on the chalkboard tags: “Give Thanks” and “With a Grateful Heart“.


We haven’t bought new glass cups after moving from¬†Brooklyn, so we¬†used¬†plastic ones. Marco enjoyed so much using the same cup that we did that I think this issue turned out great! (Of course, as the¬†neurotic mom I am,¬†I still kept the sippy cup on the table “just in case” he made a mess!)


I’m so grateful for my family, I’m the happiest person I’ve ever been. I love Victor with all my heart. I love being a mom and I love my son so much that words are not enough!

I’m grateful for my friends. Moving to the other side of the country and already have some friends there, makes¬†the new life much easier and comforting.

Even-though this is a non-religious holiday, as a person of faith, I cannot pass it without feeling and saying thanks to God for everything in my life.


Our plates and hearts full. Give Thanks… With a Grateful Heart.

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