marco’s 2nd birthday party

My son turned 2 in June and we had a small birthday party at home with just a few friends and some family.

Today I’m sharing a little bit of the party. This was the main table:


Most of the food was homemade. We had some organic meat empanadas, “chipas” (a gluten-free cheese bread made with tapioca flour), “sopa paraguaya” (corn flour pie with cheese, onions and eggs), organic celery, organic baby carrots, organic grapes, pita chips, cheeses, hummus and some yogurt cilantro dip.


I got the train letter from Ebay. The Festive Pennant Garland was from Martha Stewart Crafts.

I got the white 3-Tier Treat Stand from Wilton for the cakes and I used it separately (2 tier for 1 cake and 1 for other).

I used some of our metal lunch boxes as a food container also giving the idea of “baggage”.



Since it was also my mom’s birthday, I made her a special cake, creating a zebra-animal print pattern (she’s crazy about animal print patterns). I even got those zebra candles at Lucky’s supermarket, they looked great in this cake.


For Marco’s cake I used Wilton’s fondant and a piece of train ribbon (non-eatable) that I got at Michael’s. Both cakes where chocolate cakes filled with cream and cherries and another part filled with dulce de leche, they were DELICIOUS!



We put the train set on the coffee table so the children could play with it.

I sewed the party favors bags some days before and I filled them with some train/car/planes stickers, a small car and a wood train whistle that I bought at a crafts store in Brooklyn through Amazon.

The trains whistles were a little big for the kiddos but the sound was just like a train and they loved it!


Marco opening his party favor and taking out the wood train whistle.

Marco was dressed as a Train’s Engineer. I bought the overall from Osh Kosh and a random white shirt. I got bandana and the hat at Amazon.

He loved his little party and I am so glad that he enjoyed it as much as I did preparing all of it!

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