I love you more than milkshakes

Today I want to share something a lot more personal 🙂

For those of you who have followed me for the last 10 years or more on my blog (I’ve started blogging in 2005!) you might already know how deeply my life has changed since I became a mom.

Not only because of the obvious… Became a mom, but also, I quit my job, moved countries and 2 years later also moved coasts (from NY to SF) and in the middle of that whirlpool, I had to learn and apply a lot of strategies during the first months and I didn’t have a lot of help considering we had no family around or many friends and besides all of that I went through postpartum depression.

Oh boy, it wasn’t easy but I had an amazing support from my husband which helped infinitely. And I’ll continue to go on because in my present life, there are much more wonderful moments that fill my life with purpose and happiness than there are times of sadness.

This June, Marco turned 5 years old and I feel like he’s, of course, a big boy now. And before he starts Kindergarten this year and suddenly goes to college a few moments later (the days are long but the years go fast you know haha) so before all of that happens… I want to have something to remember this time in my life forever.

I always have in my mind this quote from Mary Poppins “a piece of beauty is a joy forever” and that’s how I thought that having some great photos would be an amazing way to capture these memories.

So I reached out to my favorite South Bay Photographer Quianna Marie Photography and I told her this idea that I wanted to have this photo shoot in an old fashioned diner that I’ve seen in Los Gatos, CA. 

For those who know me, the fact that I LOVE diners AND also milkshakes is not a surprise 😀

So today I want to share some of those pictures with you, my friends who have been always coming back to my blog to read some of my ideas; with those of you who have also shared with me the last 6 years of this crazy ride!

We were so lucky we found an old pick up truck just a block from the Diner! A great detail for this photo shoot!

Marco, My piece of beauty, my joy forever


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  • Qué hermosas palabras, conmovedoras las fotos, qué lindo poder compartir a la distancia querida Andre!! Felicidades valiente mamá y a Marco, felices 5 añitos (algo atrasado mi saludo!)

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