black smelt

Now that we’re living in California I started to buy the local catch of the week.

Some moths ago I had to manage to cook somethingvery rare for me and new: Black Smelt. They look like this:

First, I wash them with tap cold water and dried them with paper towels. Then, I cut the heads off  but you can use the whole fish as well (actually now I always use the whole fish!).


Then, put them in a ziploc bag with flour and garlic salt or just regular salt and pepper (for 1LB of fish you’ll need 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt).


Shake the bag until you can see that they are all covered with flour.


Fry them on a regular pan with sunflower or canola oil until they are golden brown.

I also fried some plantains (I loved them very dark brown). You can complete the meal with some white rice and a cucumber salad.

This recipe was very easy and it turned out great that even my toddler ate it!

The day after, I used some of the leftovers and made a yummy sandwich with some spinach and mayo on whole grain bread. It was a delicious lunch!


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